Testimonials of Brea Dental Group

I know a lot of people are scared of the dentist. I never am. I come in and they’re always helpful, and smiling, and happy. I never have to wait. I get right in, get my treatments, and schedule my visits for the future. I’ve never had a problem. I really like it here so I just keep coming. They give me a lot of tips because I’ve always had difficulties with my gums for a long long time, they help with that a lot. The hygienists gives me tips on what I need to do and it always seems to help. I think it’s better since I’ve been coming here. They’re always helpful on the phone and every question I have is always answered. I never have to wait, I get right in. They know how to schedule. They’re very very friendly. Anytime I call they help me right away, I’ve never had a problem. Debbie’s probably my main person I talk to and she’s excellent. Patty Viles
I actually looked, I drove by, I looked to see what it looked like on the inside and the outside. I just popped my head in real quick. The cleanliness stood out to me at first. Then when we went in the back, I just thought, “Oh well I’ll just give them a try.” The doctors were nice, the assistants were nice. Everybody was just very helpful and it was very clean, which is a pet peeve of mine. My children will go back in the back to get their teeth cleaned every six months. They have no fear at all. They’re very personable with the kids. The little ones get balloons. They feel comfortable, so if I’m in one chair and I’m getting my teeth cleaned, I can hear my kids down the hall or in the next chair over. I feel comfortable knowing that my kids are okay even though I can’t see them. It’s really comfortable. Everything about being in that chair, it’s not like I feel like I need to jump out and run. I’m okay with whatever is being done. Jill Schwab
I’ve been going to Brea Dental Group since I was about 8 or 9, so about 10 years. It’s been long process. I’ve had braces twice — the two phases. It’s really changed my teeth a lot. I had a huge gap. I had to get two baby teeth extracted and it’s really helped a lot. Inviting, fresh, I like the colors here. It’s very nicely decorated. The staff is great. It’s overall very nice. The people here are very nice. They’re very inviting. I recommended my girlfriend here. She came and enjoyed it. I would just say I don’t hate the dentist. A lot of people hate it, but I don’t. They won’t hate it here. Bryan Keital
They’re very personable. I love the atmosphere. My kids are very comfortable coming here and I have 3. Our experience is positive pretty much every time. Definitely kid friendly. My eldest is 18 and she was the first one that started coming here when she was 8 or 9. Very great with kids. I have my two little ones also that are 9 and 8 that their first and only experience with dentists has been coming here to Brea Dental. Since they were old enough to come to the dentist they’ve been here. I would say, if you want a good experience, want to be explained  as far as coverages are concerned, working with you as far as payments, always good. Monica Aguilar